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2013 Recap

2013 was definitely our biggest year yet, and we can only image what we’ll be doing next year. Until then, here’s a look back and the best of last year.


Fall 2013

This fall we had a great time visiting Jester’s Hydrographics, traveling to Milwaukee for Dubs Downtown, and spending a day shooting Beaver’s “zero f**cks given” Evo.


Summer 2013

Admittedly, as Low Down Labs, we had somewhat of a slow summer. There were a few factors at play, but the main one was with aiming for quality over quantity. We didn’t want to be some photo factory pumping out subpar photos. With that said, though we weren’t going on shoots every weekend, we still …


Allie’s Beetle 2.0

Allie’s beetle has become one of our go-to cars. Yes, it’s an amazingly popular car, but our relationship with this car and its owners isn’t just based on its popularity. As you may know, Low Down Labs is a group of friends that decided to pool together their talents and resources and start what we …


Southern Worthersee 2013

  Back at it once again. About a month ago we made our first trip to Southern Worthersee in Helen, Georgia, and words can not describe how much of a blast it truly was. But for us, it was more than just a car show, it was a whole trip. Our group contained 11 people, …


Time to Get Going

We’ve been pretty slow lately. I know we haven’t posted on the website since February! On Facebook we’ve been trying to keep some content flowing as much as we can, but to be honest, this winter was no fun, and it’s still not the best outside. Well we’d like to kind of give you an …


.:R Family Reunion

It’s been a while since our last post. The cold months have made things pretty slow, but we’ve had a few things we’ve been putting off so it doesn’t seem like we’re completely dead. Back in the fall, we were able to get together a good group of local VW enthusiasts. What made these guys …


Burnouts! and RPM PowerSports Superstore were so kind to put on a burnout contest Sunday, December 2nd, 2012. It was a pretty glorious day. So I’ll cut straight to the point… Video: Alex Wolfe Photos: Sean Davis


Good as New: Greg’s 1962 Chevy Impala

Restoring a car is easy, all it takes is money. What’s impressive is a car that’s half a century old, original, and nearly as clean as it was the day it rolled off the production line. Ok, I’ll admit, this car does have some modifications, but the paint is original, the fenders have never been …


Prepare for Take Off: Mark’s Solar Orange R8 Spyder

Several car scenes across the country are often overwhelmed with a population of nicely done economy cars, budget minded performance cars, or just flat out odd cars (Nebraska SMART club for example), but every once in a while, a truly rare sports car will appear. Typically we think the owner doesn’t really want to have …